Evewoman : WCW: Akothee, call police!

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WCW: Akothee, call police!

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Our Queen Mother, Akothee, has shown us that one can be fabulous, hardworking and motherly all at the same time. From red carpet events to a live stage performance, she kills it, cementing her title of Madam Boss! Her body is absolute goals, like seriously, how does she look that good!

She catches flights, not feelings!
This is how a real angel looks like? Cool
*Insert tears* My body could never
She makes entrepreneurship look so good
Dripping in gold
Is this the man responsible for this body? P.S. What's his handle?
Five kids later and her body is still banging
Pull up to the runway looking like a million dollars
Mama Africa
Bow down...

Photos: Instagram @akotheekenya

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