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Head games: Cornrow magic

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The short rains are upon us, don’t let them catch you off guard. Try this protective hairstyle that will tuck your ends away and allow you to quickly wear a cap or hood.

1. Comb your hair through and apply a bit of hair pomade.

2. Make a parting starting from the back going across in a curve then plait a cornrow.

3. Make another section starting from the middle of your head then plait another cornrow.

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4. Once you are done with plaiting, join the tips together, make one French braid, curve to the side and secure it with a hair styling pin.

5. Brush the hairline using a tail comb for a clean finish

Photos: Jenipher Wachie

Model: Mbaire King'ori

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Make-up: Cathy Nderitu

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