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Hair trends: Human hair braid is a win

 Human hair braids for the win (Photo: iStock)

In the vast tapestry of hair trends that come and go, one timeless style has stood the test of time transcending generations and cultures and that is the good ol' classic braids.

With so many creative breakout hairstyles every other day, light and airy styles are taking centre stage. From boho faux locs to intricate box braids, this has led to a shift in human hair.

Unheard of before, these braids that are literally plucked from wefts have become the sought-after aesthetic.

Their high quality makes it possible to achieve soft textures and curl patterns that look natural and the best part is, they can be re-curled over and over using heat because of how they are made and how much less they tangle.

And although synthetic braids offer a variety of colours, human hair braids come in hues closest to our very own hair making them appear more believable. And, they can be coloured too.

Showing no sign of slowing down among the braids community, they are super lightweight and versatile. The only downside? You will have to cough up more than you would with other braids.

Depending on your style, you have to purchase at least two bundles of braids and the longer they get the pricier. But if you really want to upgrade your braid game, human hair is the only way to go.

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