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Mec Monday: Eight Car accessories that every woman must have

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So you’ve just bought your new car and you are over the moon. Congratulations! Now, apart from the obvious parts of the car, certain accessories are a must-have. These accessories not only help during an emergency but some are required by law. As you budget for your car, keep these items in mind as well:

1. Warning/Caution triangle

It seems like such a miscellaneous item to have in the car but you need one. Some car models come with one already provided. So before driving off, check if you have the triangle. If your car stalls on the road, use the triangle to warn other drivers. It is required by law to have it. Don’t be like some Kenyans who use tree branches and leaves. That is dangerous.

2. Car Jack

Tyres have a habit of deflating when you least expect it. When this happens, you need the car jack. Its role is quite simple. It lifts the car high enough for you to replace the punctured tyre. There are various models depending on your budget and size of the car but the all serve the same purpose. Some car buyers are lucky to find a car jack already provided by the seller, there’s usually a compartment in the boot dedicated to the car jack. Confirm with the seller if it’s provided.

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3. Spare Tyre

As stated above, tyres just decide to be a nuisance at the worst time possible. It may seem obvious but you’ll be surprised by how many people are driving around without a spare tyre. Majority of car models come with an already provided spare tyre. It's thin and tiny but it’s meant to help you out until you get the original tyre sorted.

4. Wheel Spanner

This little (well not so little) item can make or break your tyre changing experience. As the name suggests, it is used to loosen the nuts that hold your tyre and wheel cap in place. That is the only way to remove a tyre and change it. I would suggest the one pictured above, it accommodates different sizes of nuts.

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5. First aid kit

This one is self explanatory. The kit will assist you when you’re injured and medical aid will take time to get to you. The kit usually contains, gauze, pain killers, spirit, antiseptic wipes, bandages etc. All that you may need to patch yourself up before you receive medical attention.

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6. Fire extinguisher

This will help you to put out any fires from your car in case of an emergency. Yes, cars can combust, it’s not a pretty sight. Hence, always have your extinguisher.

7. Air compressor

This item is used to inflate your tyres anywhere and at anytime. It comes in handy when your tyre is flat and there’s no petrol station nearby. It works in the same manner and a bicycle pump but this time for cars. Majority have a screen where you can set the amount of air that should be filled into the car. That number is called a PSI.

8. Jumper cables

These cables come in various colours and their main purpose is to jumpstart you car battery when it dies. These cables are a must have in your car.

These are just some accessories that will make driving a more peaceful experience if anything does happen. Which other accessories would you include in your car?

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