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Yes you’ve been rejected, but you’ll live

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Ah, yes, you don’t want all this, your loss!

Ladies and gents, getting rejected is part of life. Potential employers will reject you, the weather will reject you, Hell even your country will reject you (Hi Miguna). It’s just the great circle of life (cue Lion King).

That doesn’t mean that it hurts any less, especially when it comes from someone you really wanted. Inauma lakini inabidi uvumilie.

I have been rejected once in my life, yes, once. The one time I decided to shoot my shot, it was thrown back to me and I was reminded that basketball is not my sport. I won’t get into the specifics but he led me on (trash) and pretended to be on my vibe (again, trash) and when I took the next step...well you know what happened. I handled it really well, I deleted his number and our text conversations, I even blocked him. See, I did really well.

 If you have been rejected, here’s a few things you can do to ease the pain:

1. Cut Communication

You need to stop speaking to this individual, there’s no point. Keeping in touch with this person is just driving that knife deeper into your heart. Kwani haujipendi? It’s like eating really disgusting food and instead of throwing it out you keep eating more (Bad analogy, but you get the gist). There is no room for ‘just being friends’. Maybe in the future because on a scale of one to Trump, there’s no way those feelings will just disappear in one day. Usijitese tafadhali.

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2. You are allowed to rebound

There’s a famous Twitter saying, ‘If you don’t feel my vibe, don’t interfere when I hit up your homeboy’. Look at it this way, when you miss a certain item at a grocery store, don’t you go to others to find it? Or if your mama mboga is unavailable, will you eat your ugali without sukuma? No, you will go to the next available mama mboga. So just because this boy turned you down doesn’t mean you wallow in sadness. Go look for someone else! If you wanna get over someone, get under someone else.

3. Social media is the Devil

Now, you might be tempted to go on an Instagram spree posting stories and showing the world (mostly him) that you’re prospering and living your best life. All well and good, but there’s a thin line between actually living your best life and just doing it for the 'gram. By faking happiness, it will show him that he’s rejection had a huge impact on you. No man should have that power. Just go about your business, quit it with the subliminal posts, he’s not gonna read them, sis. Just go to meme pages and keep yourself entertained.

4. Don’t allow him to contact you

Some people are just shameless, even after they reject you, they still come back wanting to share their problems with you. Don’t be that fool who will be a shoulder to cry on. He is not worth it. Anakupigia pigia ovyo ovyo, kwani wewe ni customer care? Are you the chairman of Nyumba Kumi ndio akuletee shida zake? Nonsense! He chose that dragon over you, please tell him to deal with it like Daenerys.

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5. There’s a reason for everything

Everything happens for a reason and being turned down could be a move by the Good Lord to protect you. Maybe he’s a psycho and he’d make your life a living Hell. I, for one, found out later that the guy who rejected me had violent tendencies and I thanked God for protecting me because the man I met right after was beyond amazing. It’s a journey, sweetheart. On to the next one; one step closer to your soulmate, the one whose soul is made out of the same cloth as yours.

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Rejection is the absolute worse, but great news, you get over it. Sometimes quicker than you expected. Don’t let it inhibit you from approaching other men, you are fine as the Miami sun mami. Remember that.

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