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Weird shoe trends you won’t believe exist

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Over the years, fashion designers have wowed the world with their unique take on the fashion basics. Fashion lovers have readily embraced many trends with some, like bell-bottoms, platform shoes and slip dresses, even making a comeback years later.

Then there are those trends that leave you wondering wtf the designer was thinking. Let’s look at some of these trends.

Y/Project is stepping out of the box with these shoes (Photo: Instagram @mrsacampos11)

1. Shoes revealing the big toe ONLY

There’s pushing boundaries and then there’s overstepping them. A brand known as Y/Project has revealed a shoe that covers all your toes except the big toe. These shoes have even made an appearance on various catwalks. The shoes retail for almost Sh103, 000 ($1, 000) and are getting sold out pretty fast.

These Tabi boots are retail for about Sh113, 000 (Photo: Instagram @maisonmargiela)

2. Tabi boots

When I first saw these shoes I asked myself why anyone would wear them. They made me think of horse hooves. These boots are the brainchild of Maison Margiela. A pair of silver sequin boots retail at Sh113, 000 ($1, 100) on their website. One YouTuber tried them on her channel and declared how comfortable they are. My question is, why destroy perfectly good boots?

Thigh-high uggs were designed to keep your feet extra warm (Photo: Instagram @adamandthehologram)

3. Thigh-high uggs

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Uggs have been around for years now but many people still struggle to get their appeal, myself included. Now there are thigh-high uggs, a product of Ugg and Y/Project, whose price starts at Sh24, 000 (£195).

Invisible shoes were a result of an optical illusion and 3D printing (Photo: Instagram @yournextshoes)

4. Invisible shoes

Talk of an optical illusion. These shoes were designed by Andreia Chaves using 3D printing. Cool, huh? But how long will you be able to look at them before your eyes start hurting?

These shoe off not just your toes but your manicure as well. All imaginary of course (Photo: Instagram @crimesagainstshoemanity)

5. Toe shoes

It seems designers will stop at nothing. Toe shoes have toes printed on the outside with some actually having painted toenails and even toe rings. Honestly, these would only appeal to you if you have a foot fetish.

Tippy toes anyone? (Photo: Instagram @aconsumer)

6. Scariest shoes of all time

Designed by artist Leanie van der Vyver, these shoes have left me confused. Isn’t the point of walking to have your foot firmly on the ground? Unless you’re a ballerina I fail to see why anyone would want to walk on their toes all day. Thankfully, van der Vyver didn’t intend these shoes to actually be worn.

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