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MS President Winner to be crowned on July 31

Ms President airs on KTN Home every Wednesday 8-9pm

Kenyans are casting their votes in favour of their preferred candidate of the Ms President Reality TV show. The votes are cast through the free short messaging service (SMS) code 22840 where viewers vote to decide who will be crowned the “President” during the show's grand finale on July 31.

To vote for favourite candidates, viewers send SMS of the name of the contestant there are voting for followed by the contenstant’s code. The finalists are Waruguru wa Kiai (Kiai019), Betty Odera (Betty047), Irene Mayaka (Renee046), Nereah Amondi Oketch (Nereah043) and Umulkheir Mohammed (Umi007).

As viewers anticipate the grand finale, contestants are bracing for the ultimate ‘Presidential Debate’ on July 24 where they are expected to speak on matters national policy, governance and current affairs among other issues.

Ms President contestants, from left, Waruguru Wa Kiai, Hon Nereah Amondi Oketch, Irene Mayaka, Betty Odera and Umulkheir Mohammed

Ms President Reality TV show reignited the debate on women and leadership. The show airs on KTN Home every Wednesday 8-9pm and it has attracted millions of viewers according to statistics from Geopoll.

The show premiered on January 30 this year with an aim of empowering women and girls to be leaders in peace building and prevent the spread of violent extremism and radicalization.

“The overall objective of the project is to build sustainable capacity in Kenya for effective peace-building, conflict management and crisis preparedness,” said Harrison Manga, Country Director of Media Focus on Africa, the executive producers of the show.

The winner “President” is set to become an important national spokesperson for female leadership in peace-building, said Manga.

The show started off with 70 women and through weekly eliminations based on group and individual assignments, contestants have narrowed down to the remaining five.

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