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8 sins that cause natural hair to break, and how you can fix this


Natural hair is often very healthy. It is generally stronger than chemically processed hair, but that does not mean it's indestructible. There are certain things we do daily, which can do more harm than good to natural hair. Which are these deadly sins?

1. Colour: Many naturals prefer colouring their hair to give it some oomph. This is well and good. However, too much colour will damage your hair. As you experiment with all types of shades, remember that too much of anything can be bad.

2. Manipulation: When you over-manipulate your hair, you stress it. Braiding and re-braiding every night before you go to bed stresses the hair, leading to breakage. Some women are lucky to have hair that can sustain nightly manipulation. If your hair starts breaking everywhere, stop the nightly braiding and twisting.

3. Poor detangling: Natural hair tangles a lot. Detangle it with a conditioner that slips a lot to make the process easier. Do not rush your hair when detangling; be gentle. You can also use your fingers to detangle. This allows you to "listen" to your hair as opposed to when using a wide tooth comb or brush. When detangling, comb from end to root. Otherwise, you lose a lot of hair, as natural hair tends to knot on the ends.

4. Tight styles: Rocking a pony is convenient but ensure it is not too tight. If you tie a pony and get a headache after a short while, your bun is too tight. This leads to hair breakage especially on the edges. Always open your pony at night when you sleep.

5. Not covering hair at night: When one is very tired at night, they can easily jump into bed without covering their head with a scarf or bonnet. If you don't cover your hair, the tossing and turning at night damages the hair. A silk scarf or bonnet will keep your natural hair protected and prevent breakage.

6. Combing it dry: Combing your hair when it is completely dry damages it. Always spray a little water and then use a wide tooth comb to comb through. Gently comb starting from the bottom, working your way up. The damage will be minimal.

7. Lack of moisture: Moisturising is important for natural hair. With many products soaked in the hair, it needs to be replenished daily with moisture. Spray leave-in conditioner when detangling.

8. Ends: Always trim the dead ends to prevent breakage. When you braid or weave your hair, ensure your ends are tucked away. This helps in retaining length and reduces breakage on the ends.

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