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A day in the life of a mother to quadruplets

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For Divina Joseph, motherhood is a special feeling, the sweetest feeling she has ever had. She finds pride in motherhood and urges aspiring mothers and new mothers not to have fears towards motherhood as babies are angles who will never let you get low.

Blessed with quadruplets three years ago, she takes us through a normal day in her life as a mother as she highlights some of the challenging aspects of raising five small girls. Apart from her quadruplets, Lyanna, Lisa, Lara and Libby, Divina also lives with her niece, Jasmine, who is only two months older than the quadruplets, and her eldest daughter – Lana.

While being a big sister to quadruplets can indeed be a challenge, for Lana, the eldest among the siblings, it is all about adapting and finding a common ground. Despite admitting that it has not been as conducive as it had been before her quadruplets arrived, she says that she loves them and always looks forward to spending time with them after school.


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