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First Lady Margaret Kenyatta joins runners at Safaricom Marathon [Photos]

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at the Lewa Marathon (Photo: Facebook @Safaricom PLC)

The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta this weekend joined marathoners in Isiolo County as they took part in the Safaricom Marathon.

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The First Lady took part in the marathon (Photo: Facebook @Safaricom PLC)

Safaricom PLC holds the Lewa Marathon, as it is more popularly known, every year. This is in partnership Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

The marathon aims to raise funds for wildlife conservancy and community development (Photo:Facebook @Safaricom PLC)

The aim of this marathon is to raise funds for community development and wildlife conservation.

The marathon is a partnership between Safaricom and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Photo:Facebook @Safaricom PLC)

The late Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO, spearheaded the campaign and his death will leave a huge dent in these efforts.

It took participants through a 42-kilometre course (Photo:Facebook @Safaricom PLC)

The marathon, which started in the year 2000, spans a length of 42 kilometres.

The First Lady addressing the Lewa Marathoners (Photo:Facebook @Safaricom PLC)

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