Evewoman : Bad boy: Baby mama warms up as wife turns cold

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Bad boy: Baby mama warms up as wife turns cold

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Carol, your beautiful wife is presently switched off. She has not been keen even when you have brought up the sensitive subject of ‘re-marrying’ the baby mama or bringing your son to occasionally stay with you…

“He will get along with Farrah, what do you think?”

“That is your call to make.” She likes that phrase, ‘that is your call’.

She is so disinterested in the subject and life lately, you wonder why. Is it the job? Is it the general boredom of life in 30s? You haven’t had a healthy discussion on anything with her in recent times. She seems to be sinking deeper into her cocoon. You have also not bothered, only that one spouse drifts, the other easily gets distracted. And if it is an ex, who doubles up as a baby mother, it becomes doubly complicated.

Why is it that people rarely feel any guilt when they are trying to have something with an ex? Or is it just you?

For the last one week, Carol has been having guests over and it is not a friendly space for you. So you have been spending your evenings with your son at their house and the kid is one hell of a boy. They don’t make fine ones like that anywhere. You think about how lucky you are. His mother recently confessed that the hatred she had towards you has dissipated and she has rediscovered her feelings for you…

“I think I have been stupid and unnecessarily bitter,” she says when she joins you at home after work. Earlier, you had picked Ryan up from school. He is now getting familiar and comfortable with you.

“You don’t have to regret anything. Everything happens for a reason,” you tell her, assuring her that you are totally understanding.

“Ryan should grow with his dad, I don’t want him to grow up without one…,” it is a heavy sentence. You don’t know how to answer her.

“Well, I am here…”

“As in, every night. We don’t want him to grow up to be a thug. I’ve been reading a lot. Single mothers are not good, especially for baby boys…”

You can’t say much, since Baby Mama nurses some aspects of feminism and having her admit that she wants to be a second wife, and now admit that single mothers are not healthy for baby boys, is an ‘improvement’ on her part. Talk about thawing.

Ironically, last year when she so much wanted to be back with you, she was jobless, and her frustration was out of her economic situation, but now she has a job and can easily afford to send Ryan to one of these expensive schools. She wants you around more for emotional and social comfort.

And she is super seductive. Her dressing around you gets more and more provocative every day. She never used to be this bold. Maybe it is the chama she goes to…

On Thursday, when leaving there, she stopped you at the door, and holding the back of your neck, forced a kiss on you.

“You don’t want all ‘these’,” she pointed at her body.

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