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Eight times Akothee showed up decently dressed

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More often than not songstress Akothee is known for skimpy dressing. In fact in November last year, she was compelled to sign a contract against nudity during one of her trips abroad. That’s just how deep it goes when it comes to Akothee and exposing too much skin.

The mother of five has hit the headlines severally for what most would deem lack of affection for decent clothing, and if her constant unapologetic rejoinders are anything to go by, they sum up her fashion choice. She has accustomed to her mode of dressing, and clearly, nothing beats it for her than flaunting her flawless, long, beautiful legs.

Well, that’s not all. The Oyoyo hit-maker also knows one or two things about decency when it comes to dressing. What's your take?

Turning up for work

And the trousers...

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