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Nakuru parents sue daughter, son-in-law for custody of two grandchildren


A woman has taken her daughter and son-in-law to court to have custody of their two children.

EK and her husband J, in their application, argue that their daughter, EN, is not legally married to EKN, the man who sired their two grandsons -aged four and two.

In the rare case, EK says the family does not recognise the marriage between EKN and their daughter, EN.

“My grandchildren cannot live with a man who is irresponsible. He has not paid bride price for my daughter,” she claims.

In the suit papers, she describes EKN as  a 'criminal' who should be behind bars.

“We went to his house with the police and he was found with a firearm. He was charged for the same. He is not fit to raise my grandchildren,” she says.

She claims the young couple is irresponsible and constantly abandons the boys. In 2017, according to her, she had to take her grandchildren away after their parents abandoned them.

She says EKN and EN are drunkards and are not capable of raising the children as they leave them at God's mercy when they go out to drink.

The battle of wits began back in 2014 when EN met EKN and they got married.

The two are said to have had differences in marriage and had to spend some time apart.

EN, who is 26, went back to her parents’ home and left EKN, 37, at his Lanet home in Nakuru County in 2017. She later left the children with her mother and went back to reconcile with her husband.

When the two decided to go for their children, the grandparents refused claiming they were not ready to surrender their grandchildren to an unstable couple

EN sued her parents for allegedly denying her the rights to raise her sons before Senior Resident Magistrate Daisy Mosse last year.

She told court that her parents were trying to sabotage her marriage after they took away their sons over unpaid bride price, and hurled abusive words at her husband.

An agitated EN claimed that her parents were using the children to seek favours and financial help from strangers and wreck her marriage.

“They have been using my children to seek financial help from strangers and neighbours and to frustrate my marriage,” she told the court. The case will continue on Thursday.


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