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Six ways to up-cycle household items

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Up-cycling is a trend people began taking seriously after the recent world recession. Up-cycling transforms items you would ordinarily use for their intended purpose for a different practical purpose altogether. Several items in a home can be up-cycled; all you need is an open mind and wild imagination. Here are a few up-cycling projects to try at home:

Turn an old sweater into a pillow cover

Hands up if you have an old sweater or cardigan you no longer use. Yes, a good percentage of Kenyans have those, well you can turn your sweaters into decorative pillow covers. Knitwear has great texture and adding texture into any design theme scores an A-plus. You can either use the no-sew technique or the cut-arms, fold and sew technique to turn a sweater into a pillow case.

Spoon gallery anyone?

Spoons and forks that have outgrown their stay in the kitchen can move on up to the wall. Up-cycling is all about finding glam ways to use not-so-glam things and who would have thought a collection of spoons would be appealing to the eyes? You can use wooden spoons also known as "mwikos" or actual silverware. Another option is to dip them in bright paint to add a bit of drama. Hang these on your wall, preferably in the kitchen and dining areas for a sure conversation starter.

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Clipboard file art

Kids art lying around the house with no-where to display? Grab a few old clipboard files and clip your child's drawings and paintings on them for a beautiful display. These can go in the corridor, living room, bedroom or entry wall. Your child will feel really special.

Turn an old pillowcase into a garment bag

Waiting for your next laundry shop visit to get a garment bag? Wait not – fish in your stash for an old pillowcase. Snip the pillowcase smack in the middle of the sewn end. You can sew the cut to prevent fraying and voila - garment bag!

Dish-functional art

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If you have a few plates you no longer use lying around the kitchen and complain that art is un-affordable, allow me to say, God is watching you! Create a wall collage with your plate collection for instant stunning art.

Drawer into wall cabinet

Do you have an old dresser or chest of drawers that you no longer use? Turn the drawers into wall organising cabinets. This will look divine in bathrooms. Paint the inside of the drawer tray or attach wallpaper off-cuts for an interesting twist. Happy up-cycling!

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