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Home-style: Decor trends to embrace this year

Have you had the same style for too long or are you doing a home makeover? Maybe your space needs a style update or you love new trends. I have compiled a list of trends that I believe will be in vogue in the design world this year. Browse through to get your inspiration or find something you didn’t know existed before.

Circular furniture

Curved sofa anyone? Partly inspired by the art deco design period, curves and circles in furniture and furnishing are back. People are yearning for cosy spaces after a chaotic day and curves add the much needed grace to a space.


Humans are resetting to nature. Biophilia design means that spaces will embrace more greenery, water, natural views and natural elements like stone. Big window views overlooking a green shrub or a man-made fountain are all about biophillia.


Terrazzo, that floor finishing rendered ugly and only found in old toilets and bathrooms is back with a bang! Floor experts claim terrazzo is not only staying on the floor but is also going up the walls in 2019.


Mustard still has staying power. Paint a wall in mustard, throw on some mustard pillows, eat mustard! Anything that comes in mustard is the real deal.


Tin also known as “mabati” is back. Tin will dominate interiors all around the home. Indulge in tin pieces from furniture, décor, backsplashes or art.

Textured wallpaper bedrooms

Painted accent walls in bedrooms are out of style and are instead being replaced by textured wallpaper around the walls.

Fun ceilings

According to Elle Décor news, ceiling designs are going to be more playful this year. Go wild with colour, wallpaper and texture. White plain ceilings are very 2018.


As a result of humans seeking more balance with nature, green is here to stay. Hunter’s and forest green are taking centre stage in all things design. Splash them on walls, accent furniture, décor or bring them into your space with plants.

Resort backyards

The more we travel, the more we yearn for calming and relaxing surroundings. More backyards are taking the resort look and style. Employ the resort feel with colour, texture, pattern and synthetic furniture.

Which of these trends will you be embracing?

Wood Look

If you have wood, show it. Wood furniture, wood finishes and all things woody are coming back this year. Opt for a varnished bed over a painted piece if you want to stay with the times.

Matching Metals

This year welcomes the idea of mixing metals in one space. Mix bits of different metal finishes interchangeably in the same space.


Michelle is a furniture and interior designer based in Nairobi

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