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Wicked parents inflict horrific injuries on four-month-old baby, break 28 of his bones

A scan of the injuries inflicted on the baby

A couple have been jailed after inflicting horrific injuries on a baby boy by fracturing 28 bones in his body.

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The pair broke the four-month old tots' knees, ankles, ribs, and arm in a cruel attack.

The youngster was taken to a Children’s Hospital after he suffered “immense” pain at their hands.

The judge who heard the case described the injuries as “truly appalling” as she sentenced the couple.

She added that they had shown “wicked cruelty towards a tiny baby”.

The unemployed pair, have been locked up for eight years for assaulting or neglecting a child and causing unnecessary suffering, and for causing or allowing a child to suffer serious physical harm.

The case first came to light after the tot was taken to a Children’s Hospital by the two with a broken left arm.

Hospital staff completed a skeletal X-ray and identified 27 further fractures to the child’s body; these included multiple rib fractures, knee fractures and ankle fractures.

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The child was taken into police protection and placed into the care of the local authority until a suitable home was found for him.

Police arrested the couple and they both claimed the arm injury was an accident due to tripping over a raised carpet.

They claimed to have no knowledge as to how the further fractures had been caused.

At their trial both admitted to lying to doctors about when the child's arm was broken and stated it was days before they presented to the hospital.

Experts in paediatric medicine provided evidence of how the injuries could have been caused, which proved vital to the prosecution of the suspects.

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They identified the fractures as being caused between four and six weeks before the child was taken to the hospital.

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