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Six easy tips on how to cut back-to-school costs for your children

The last week of holidays is normally a hard one for parents. It is only a few days to school opening and the kids have a list items and as a parent you need to set out and get the supplies. Back-to-school shopping has over the years grown to be stressful as it is getting more and more expensive by the day. The budget is nowadays so high that it is normal for parents to be pulling out the ‘credit card’ every back-to-school season. However, thing you do not have to spend so much if you go by this back to school money saving tips list:

  1. Prepare a list and live by it

You need to have a list of all the items that the kids need for school. Prepare it yourself and include all the basics. If possible memorize the list and ingrain the items in your brain. Strictly stick by it and the temptation to buy anything else must be avoided at all costs.

  1. Go through items in the house

Literally coming as a second step, after preparing a list, don’t rush to the supermarket. Instead, take it to the kid’s bedroom first. Find out what items, such as school uniforms and jackets, that are still school-ready and which ones need to be replaced.

When done, take the list to your office desk. Here, pull out anything that looks like a pencil, eraser, ruler, name them. By the time you are done with the kitchen round, if you are having a kid going to boarding school, you don’t have to buy a packet of sugar from the store when you can get it from the kitchen shelf, you will have reduced the list significantly!

  1. Consider cheaper secondhand supplies

There are always people looking to offload their excess, all you need to do is find out how you can lay your hands on these items. A good case is when you have to replace text books. You don’t have to buy brand new books from time to time when you can find used books that are pretty brand new or have just endured very little use.

  1. Special back-to-school offers and coupons

This mainly goes for those who shop online. Never forget to look for coupon codes and special offers from the online sites. Supermarkets also provide special offers on school items. All you have to do is find the best offers, even if it means going through newspaper ads to compares costs.

  1. Buy items in bulk

When you finally get to purchase the items, get them in bulk. This is a good source of savings for back-to-school shopping. Go for the jumbo size packages. Buy pens in packets and not as single pieces, and if you have to, find friends to do split purchases with.

  1. No! Learn to say no

Last but not least, you can save a lot of cash on your back-to-school shopping if you learn to say no. Say no to items not on the list. Saying no to unnecessary demands from the kids. For instance buying that Cinderella decorated lunchbox when it costs more than a plain one.

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