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Five types of single mothers

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A single parent is a person who raises a child or children without a partner. It might be as a result of death of the other parent, abandonment or in some cases, intentional.

Dealing with the responsibilities of child rearing as a single parent essentially doubles what you must accomplish to care for yourself and your family. However, the correct parenting is what is important.

Let’s explore 5 types of single mothers

1. The co-op mum

This is a single mother who is co-parenting with the father of the child. They receive help in the form of money, help in the form of time, help in form of reliability. These mothers can depend on the father of their child. He is involved, active, willing and able to be a part of his child’s life. The co-op mom is a little less stressed. She is a lot more care free and able to move in the world with a little more energy.

2. The M.A.D mum

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These are those who receive little to no help and must fight to get support for a child they did not create on their own. The financial help is next to none, they get no “me” time, and the responsibility for the rearing of their child falls solely on them. Simply put, she is MUM AND DAD. She wants a better life for her and her child, but finds the climb a little steep since she alone is carrying the load of what was meant for two – a mom and a dad.

3. The all-round mum

She has all the support she needs from her family. She is not raising her child by herself. Her sisters, brothers and even part of her extended family are actively involved in the welfare of the child. This type of mum can travel for days without worrying about her child because she knows her family got her back.

4. The city mum

These are the city dwellers who gave birth to their child and dumped them in the village. Most of them leave their kids with their mothers and disappear for even more than two years. What is surprising is that some will never call to check on their child or even send money to cater for the needs of the child.

5. The don’t care mum

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She will come home late and wouldn’t mind if the kids have eaten, done their homework or even showered. Her weekend usually starts from Thursdays and they are accompanied by a series of sleeping outside or coming home super drank. She will often throw tantrums to her kids and when provoked, she might mercilessly punish the child.

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