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Governor Waiguru wows Kenyans with her dance moves

Governor Anne Waiguru

So, you think you can dance? Well you haven’t met Kirinyaga Governor Hon. Waiguru. This past weekend she left Kirinyaga residents in frenzy after pulling delicate dance moves including the gwara gwara.

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The video that was posted on her twitter page quickly went viral because of how well she pulled off her moves.

Waiguru twisted her waist effortlessly, descended and ascended and had her steps in perfect sync with a youthful dancer who performed with her at the event.

The governor, without a doubt, danced better than the organizers as they frantically threw their hips and hands in the air.

This come just months after Kenyans online trolled UK Prime Minister Theresa May for her awkward dance moves in Kenya.

A number of publications in Britain also trolled her uncoordinated moves saying she resembled someone picking stuff from the top shelf of a grocery shop.

She is not the only female public figure to make headlines over dance moves, with US first lady, Melania Trump shocking onlookers during her solo tour of Africa by dropping her guard and dancing with children in Kenya.

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She sashayed to the beat whilke holding hands with too children as they walked up to a building.

Many people on social media said the Slovenian-born former model had more rhythm than they expected.

Perhaps its time that the Kirinyaga Governor hosted a few dance lessons to visiting public female figures just to show them how it goes down here in the +254.

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