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Five smart ways to eliminate or reduce bloating

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What causes bloating?

According to Beth Schorr- Lesnick, a gastroenterologist and assistant clinical professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, bloating is caused by excess gases in the intestines, bad eating habits, some foods, water retention and hormones among others.

This is a common condition among that can occur at any point of one’s life. Below are the ways that can help cut down on the bloat;

1. Cut back on gassy foods

Some foods such as beans and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages contain sugars that are difficult for some people to digest.

According to Leslie Bonci, author of the American Dietetic Association Guide to Better Digestion, you should never give up the entire food but eat little by little at a time.

This will help you take a digestive enzyme such as Beano before meals since it breaks down the sugars in vegetables and grains.

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2. Drink up

A sluggish digestive system equals a slower metabolic rate. Drinking a cup of ginger improves digestion, cleanse the body and cuts unhealthy cravings for salt or sugar.

According to Isabel Smith, a registered dietician and founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition, fluids specifically water are absolutely key for optimal digestion as they flush water out of the system and help in constipation.

Consuming drinks high in sugar or caffeine dehydrates the body and sometimes increase the intake of calories.

3. Consider a probiotic

Probiotics are usually known to aid in restoring a healthy gut and it improves digestion. Supplements such as Inner Health Plus are made to keep your bowels regular and to prevent bloating.

Women with IBS are advised to take a high potency probiotic to help relieve the triggers of bloating. Probiotic can be found in some yogurts.

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4. Exercise regularly

If you regularly experience bloating, it is advisable to make it a routine to walk few minutes after eating.

This is because exercising helps gas to pass through the digestive tract more quickly so you feel better faster.

Exercising will also help to reduce the extent that abdominal muscle relaxes when gas builds up in the gut.

5. Eat more fibres

Fibre is good in ensuring a regular and maintained digestive system. It is available in cereals, green vegetables, white bread and white pasta. A simple switch from white bread to whole or from white rice to brown goes a long way.

Women need at least 25 grams of the fibre daily. Remember not to take too much of the fibre since you may feel more bloated than before.

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