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Seven amazing home remedies for bad breath

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One problem that a majority of human beings have had to deal with is bad breath. According to research, bad breath or Halitosis (chronic bad breath) affects one out of four people globally. After tooth decay and gum disease, bad breath is the third reason why individuals seek dental health care.  Although seemingly small, having a case of bad breath can affect an individual by lowering their self-esteem and leading to psychological issues.

You do not have to worry about bad breath, however, since there are easy ways of getting your fresh breath back, other than maintaining good oral hygiene. These remedies can be done from the comfort of your home, saving you a trip to the dentist:


Orange are known to be rich in citric acid which in turn promotes saliva production. Constant production of saliva, ensures that your moth isn’t left dry for a long time. A dry mouth is often associated with foul breath from forgotten bits of food that develop a Sulphur like odour. Snacking on an orange will save you from the embarrassment that comes with having bad breath.

Cinnamon chewing sticks

Essential oils found in cinnamon sticks are a good way to end bad breath. Chewing on a cinnamon stick to begin with helps in production of saliva which we already know is essential. It also leaves your mouth with the lingering sweet aroma of cinnamic aldehyde, a major component of the bark.

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Water is a solution to almost all health problems and bad breath is not left behind. For starters, swishing water in your mouth will loosens forgotten food particles and prevent them from decaying. Drinking adequate amounts of water also cleans your digestive system reducing the chance of having bad smells from the gut which are also known causes of bad breath. Drinking water throughout the day will definitely leave your mouth fresh.


Studies have indicated that a serving of unsweetened yogurt contains probiotics that fight hydrogen sulfide which is produced by the oral bacterium clan causing you bad breath. 

Green tea

If you make a habit of drinking green tea, research shows that all bacteria on your tongue and teeth causing bad breath will reduce further over time. Green tea is a potent anti-oxidant hence cleanses and rinses food particles off your mouth. It also helps your body rid of toxins which can cause gut smells. A smelly gut transmits bad odour through your esophagus and into your mouth.

Essential oils

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Essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, clove, eucalyptus and lemon oils give you the same effect you get from chewing on herbs and spices. These oils, extracted from different parts of different plants are highly concentrated and very powerful. They should be mixed with large amounts of water and used for gargling in order to work effectively.

Homemade vinegar mouthwash

Apple cider vinegar is great at balancing pH levels in the mouth by keeping a healthy environment. You can mix a bit of it with water and gargle or make a brushing past by mixing it with baking soda.

It is however important to seek medical advice if the issue persists as bad breath can also be an early sign of a huge underlying problem.

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