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Five hacks to keep your lipstick popping

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We all look good in the morning and chances are we want to remain that good throughout the day. Or don’t you? Well, there are a few beauty products that will require constant touch up every now and then in the course of the day.

Lipstick is one of them, of course for those who love rocking it. Imagine reapplying your lipstick after every sip of water! It can be quite a task. I bet you might hate it because, I mean, who has the time to apply lipstick ten times a day?
Worry not! I have a few tips that can help you keep your lipstick vibrant and long-lasting.

  1. Exfoliate

There are endless amounts of reasons why you should exfoliate your lips often. But for now, lets focus on getting rid of the dead skin in regards to keeping your lipstick vibrant and long-lasting.

Using a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips every night helps you to start with a smooth canvas as you apply your lipstick the following morning.

  1. Line

If you plan to rock a darker shade, then this might be more useful to you. Line your lips with a lip pencil. Besides helping your lipstick stay on longer, it prevents the color from bleeding too. However, it is advised to choose a neutral-colored lip liner if you are new to lip lining.

  1. Use Concealer

This might sound a bit off but it might be the miracle you have been waiting on your lips. Concealer helps your lip color last longer, adds dimension to the shade and prevents feathering.

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  1. Blot

It is important to remove any excess oil on your lips especially after applying a layer of lipstick therefore, blot off the excess with a tissue. After blotting, apply another layer of lipstick on to reinforce the color and it’ll last you all day.

  1. Powder

Believe it or not, applying a very thin layer of translucent powder over your lips after applying lipstick helps to mattify and lock your lip color in place. You won’t have to touch up as often.

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