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Depressed 22-year-old commits suicide in Mumias, Kakamega County

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A 22-year-old man left residents of Ekero area in Mumias town, Kakamega County in shock after he hang himself on a tree by the roadside and left behind a scathing suicide note, addressing his brother and two sisters.

Locals woke up to the dangling body, which turned out to be that of a Nairobi-based young man, who travelled all the way to kill himself in Mumias, over what he called in his note as “frustrations from siblings”.

From the personal details he left, the young man hails from Asembo in Kisumu County and it’s still not clear why he chose to go kill himself in Mumias.

Whilst referring to his brother and two sisters as “enemies of development”, the man complained that they never help him, yet, unlike him, they have jobs.

He went on to whine that whenever he had a genuine problem and asked for help, they ignored him. Something he said in the note had thrown him into depression .

In the suicide note, he warns his parents not to allow the three to attend his funeral. When contacted, the cousin to the deceased, whose phone number was also on the note, said the deceased had left Nairobi headed home in Kisumu the previous night.

Seemingly, the deceased never alighted in Kisumu, but went up to Mumias where he took his own life with a piece of dress.

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Dominic Lukanda, the first person to spot the deceased is an employee of a local cleaning company who was clearing bushes on the roadside. The body was taken to Kakamega County Mortuary and is awaiting postmortem.

Meanwhile, police are investigating on how a person from Kisumu ended up hanging himself in a bush in Mumias.


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