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Psychologist speak: How childhood traumas negatively affect your adult mental health

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The character and behavior we develop as adults are greatly defined by our childhood experiences.

A confident child grows up in a friendly and open environment, a home where the kid is listened to and is encouraged to share their views and feelings about different things. When the children grow up in an unfriendly place, the chances of them suffering trauma are bigger.

Childhood traumas can be developed for many reasons, for example, child neglect, abuse, accidents, natural calamities (such as drought and famine), domestic violence, exposure to negative scenes etc.

Childhood traumas negatively impact people who don’t go for treatment early enough, these adults commonly suffer depression, phobia, trust issues, violence and have death and suicidal thoughts. They can also develop a bad attitude when socializing with others, they become attention seekers, victimizing themselves in every situation and hardly accepting their mistakes.

Anger management becomes an issue too, especially for those children who developed traumas because of staying in violent environments. When they grow up, they tend to find violence as the solution to their problems and as a way of expression. On the other hand, those who have grown up being neglected, have issues expressing anger, something that stops them from being who they truly are.

It is advisable to create a safe and peaceful environment for your kid. In case of any traumatic experience, take them to a child psychologist who will help coping with the situation.

By Grace Kinuthia psychologist.

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