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2063: How cars and diabetes will evolve

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In the old days, Morgan Chamaroche would have had to drink sugarless tea because of the Type 1 diabetes that had afflicted him at 60. His immune system like a mis-programmed cyborg, had suddenly turned on his beta cells, the ones that make insulin which is the hormone the human body turns on to keep our blood sugar levels under control.

But within three years, a team of scientists at King’s College in London, led by a Doctor Chris Michaels (like someone from a TV show, but the man would get a Nobel gong for medicine in 2040 for his work on diabetes), had isolated the five targets of the immune systems, in this instance – insulin, glutamate, de carboxylase, IA -2, zinc transporter -8 and tetraspanin 7.

They had managed to insulate these against the immune system without compromising general body immunity with a five-in-one pill called Beta Med going global within a year from Glaxo in 2039; which is why almost quarter a century later, an old man called Morgan Chamaroche was able to comfortably drink super-sweetened tea in his kitchen while watching a war happen live halfway across the world on Templevision; like the matinee of a theatre play, more worried about the bet results of soccer games later on in the day than diabetes - on the day one would die.

There are three types of Google vehicle immediately available to him. A Ford GC or Ford Gesture car which everyone just calls The Gesture and which works via a system of sensors that ‘see’ whatever the driver’s hands are doing and respond accordingly.

Chamaroche never thought the day would come when he would see the equivalent of a touch phone auto-motor, where you drove by swiping movements or gesticulating. Hence the name – Ford Gesture. In the Gesture, semaphoric body movements activated pre-programmed instructions in the motor vehicle’s automated computer, causing it to accelerate, brake or take a corner as required to by its ‘motion maker’.

Its default setting, when not static, was mode cruise.

The second car available is an auto-motor called Valhalla from Volvo which everyone for whatever reason calls the Vulva.

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The Volvo Valhalla itself uses a network of maps, satellite and other ‘wise systems’ (WISEY) that enable the vehicle to find its way; and a form of radar-guided cruise control that helps the Valhalla avoid any and all accidents on the ground.

This Volvo self-driving automobile network is multi-dimensional, which means Vulvas talk to each other to avoid licks and nicks, let alone major comings together, whilst out on the highway.

With the Valhalla, as one ad said: ‘Road rage is like R&B. Mere Nostalgia.’ The problem is that the humans behind the Valhalla are not that interested in tech-sharing with their rivals, in spite of every major State in the world  dying to get them to co-operate and create ‘compatible‘ crash-proof cars in the sense that vehicles will never again bang into each other, once this technology is App(lie)d into every car .

There is a conference for all the world’s Ministries of Transport called ‘Below Crash Zero’ scheduled for Willow, California, from the 28-30 of June, 2063, which will also have every major motor car manufacturer on board.

Morgan wonders if he will be in position – basically, still be sucking in 02 in four weeks’ time - to watch the BCZ unfold on Hologram TV.

The third car available, right now is the Chinese ‘Future’.

This is how it operates. Its ‘driver’s’ brain signal from an electroencephalogram (EEG) is ‘read’ by a set of 16 sensors in the Future. These signals are then translated into input module, making the motor vehicle brake, turn and do other basic things that keep the Future functioning smoothly.

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You just think of driving forward, stopping, reverse, and the elaborate EEG computer software in the Future makes your brain waves a road reality.

The Future is a weather forecast – and avoids road bumps. When it comes right down to it, all a man needs is a Vulva.

Chamaroche thinks that would be an excellent slogan for this brand of Volvo.

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