Evewoman : Nine signs that show you could be pregnant without taking a test

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9 telltale signs that show you could actually be pregnant

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The human body is amazing and at times when you expect to see certain signs to help you interpret it one way, nothing happens. Or better still the opposite. That is the case of pregnancy. There are no two similar experiences whether it is your fist time or a subsequent pregnancy. Not all women experience symptoms and those who do, the symptoms vary in severity depending on an individual. While it may also be nothing more than PMS, the only sure way to determine whether you are expecting is through a pregnancy test and just to for safety measure, seek a second opinion from your doctor.

Before you get too excited or worried, here are a few signs you should not ignore.

  1. Missed period

The obvious sign is a missed period. However unknown to many women is other than irregular period, other factors such as stress may trigger a missed period. To be sure take a home pregnancy test. If it reads positive visit a doctor as soon as possible so he or she can give you a clean bill of health or advise further should you be on medication.

  1. Cramping and spotting

Before you get too excited that your periods have finally decided to show up fearing the worst, spotting and cramping can be due to the embryo implanting into the uterine lining. This can cause implantation bleeding. While it may be mistaken as a period, the color is slightly different and spotting is present when you wipe. It may be accompanied with pain which will clear once the implantation is complete. This is likely to take three days or less.

  1. Increased body temperature

Similar to how your body temperature increases when you exercise or in hot weather, one of the early signs of pregnancy is a higher basal body temperature. Hydrate regularly by taking lots of water.

  1. Breast changes

Due to hormonal changes, your breasts will likely get tender and swell. Your hormones will continue to cause your breast to grow and the areola, the area around the nipple may change to a darker color and grow larger. However if you continue to experience breast sensitivity, this may be a sign of something else.

  1. Frequent urination

Your kidneys will process more fluid than usual as your body increases the amount of blood it pumps. You may experience incontinence and may have to be cautious when you should take bathroom breaks.

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  1. Nausea

Commonly referred to as morning sickness, it typically happens four to six weeks after conception and can occur during the day or night time. Hormones play a huge role but it is still unclear what causes morning sickness and vomiting.

  1. Aversion to smells

Another big sign is aversion to foods and smells. What was once a pleasant odor now makes you sick.

  1. Fatigue

Although it can develop at any time during pregnancy, if you have been feeling extra tired this is one of the early symptoms which could kick even before you missed your period. You may also start feeling sleepy as the progesterone levels soar.

  1. Mood swings

These are common during pregnancy and if not checked could lead to depression, irritability and anxiety. Due to increase in estrogen and progesterone levels this will affect your mood making you emotional and reactive than usual.

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