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8 things to remember when things don't go as planned


You can plan with surgical precision problem is, will everything go as planned? Not always.

When things don't go as expected, it is completely normal to feel as though you're not sure what just happened after all, your world just got rocked.

Things happen for a reason!

So whatever happens, don’t lose your cool trying to figure out why. This is because it's always easier connecting the dots in the future and near impossible connecting those dots in the present.

When your plans hit the roof, you can either chose to fall into negativism or, you may also take this opportunity to cultivate your natural optimism. It is not easy but it can be done.

Here are some things to remember when things don’t go as planned.

Be flexible

Always maintain your cool, take a deep breath and tell yourself everything will be okay. Accept disappointment, accept you can never control everything and learn to adapt to the situation. That’s just how life is, unpredictable.

Deal with change

When things don’t go as planned don’t ever give up. Learn from your mistakes and try avoiding them. Work around it and try again differently.

Ask for help

There is nothing wrong to ask for assistance. Try seeking advice from people you can trust and those who can assist you. The reason you may have failed in the first place is because you made decisions from an uninformed place. Get professionals and well versed people to help with whatever it is you’re working on.

Maintain good relationships

In every situation always try and have a good healthy relationship with your family and friends. In time of need they are the people who will have your back and make you feel secure.

Accept defeat/loss

When you plan something, and things don’t go as planned don’t fight it. Instead, learn the reason behind its failure and avoid repeating the same mistake again.

Forgive yourself

When things fail don’t ever beat yourself and blame yourself for it because some things you cannot avoid. Let go and start over.

Stick to your values

Never loose yourself when things don’t go as planned. Don’t devalue yourself or try make the situation better by using the wrong channels. Stick to your core values and principles. Failure should not change you negatively.

Stay positive

In every situation always stay optimistic and remember no situation is ever permanent! There is a reason for everything so try to understand and pick the positives out of the situation no matter how difficult or disappointing it may be.

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