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Last minute Father's Day gift ideas you can get instantly

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Father's Day, the one day of the year dedicated to showing your dad how much you love and appreciate him. And the perfect way

If you've left it to the last minute and are scrambling to find the 'perfect' gift for the most important man in our life, you needn't settle on a sub-par bottle of vino found at your local service station.

There are actually plenty of great gifts that you can pick up at the click of a button - and he'll actually like them! So you can put a smile on his face and save time. Result.

Last minute gifts you can get instantly:

An experience

There's a huge selection of places that offer great experience packages dad will love - from indoor skydiving experience in Diani Beach to a super Ice Skating experience at Panari Hote, Nairobi.

A gift card

You can't go wrong with getting dad a gift card or voucher, and with so many retailers offering them you can actually get him a voucher from somewhere he really likes which means he'll be guaranteed to use it.
You can make it yourself, what would be very creative, or you can find many cards with different designs at any supermarket.

Pay for a subscription

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There’s a huge range of subscription items out there from Netflix membership (for movie lovers) to Apple Music or Spotify music subscriptions and they can make excellent, fuss-free gifts. Also for the football lovers, you can pay him a subscription to watch the World Cup.

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