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The unwritten rules of one-night stands

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  • Loneliness may at times drive one to engage in one night stands.
  • When this happens, it is important to observe a few rules to avoid crossing lines

  As much as all of us desire perfect relationships, a considerable proportion of us are single. Do you get that feeling of loneliness every night, thinking of how it could have been if you had a big warm body next to you?

This kind of thought might at times push you to the edge, making you let go, just once.?

Here are the 5 rules of One Night Stands and unplanned sex:

Always Use Protection.

This is just casual sex, you’re not trying to make babies with this guy, Right? If necessary, go buy your own pieces and keep them, just in case he doesn’t carry any. You also want to avoid any disease or irritation you could spend money trying to get rid of.

This is the top most rule.

Be specific, be selective

Don’t just have sex with any one available, make the night what you want it to be, with the right person, perfect for the moment. Never stoop low to people you’ll regret hours later, be picky, be choosy.


You can only enjoy this if you are comfortable and zero per cent nervous. You don’t want to make your partner struggle and feel like they’re stressing you. Relax every muscle in your body, let it happen.

Don’t back out, just do it

If you weren’t sure about it you shouldn’t have made the trip in the first place. No one like’s foreplay without actual sex.

Remember, this is not personal

This is just sex. Don’t mistake this to be something that will grow in to something more. Trying to grow a relationship out of good sex is a disaster waiting to happen.  When you want to have something special, just go for it. 

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