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Reasons why your relationship won’t last long

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There is always an excitement when you get in a relationship but there is much more involved. For instance, are you both willing to commit? Is there trust amongst us? Such questions guide one into knowing and understanding the kind of relationship they are in. Here are doom signs you need to be aware of:

  • Your partner not including you in their future plans

It all begins with the basic things like planning dates, running errands or normal individual day to day activities. If you are in a relationship and your partner hardly plans things with you or is not putting efforts in making the relationship better, that’s a sign they are not investing in the future of the relationship and its high time you walk away.

  • Your partner not communicating well

Communication is key in every relationship as it’s the way to know the wellbeing of your partner, solving conflicts or alerting each other in seeking attention. Lack of communication causes issues like insecurities, negative assumptions and lack of trust. These are the basic recipes to breaking relationships!

  • Your partner constantly trying to change you

Relationships involve two different people with unique personalities. It takes time to love and accept one another for who you are. But there are moments when you want your partner to change and be someone else you can readily get along with. When your partner pushes you too much to be someone else, that could be a red flag that you are with the wrong person. It’s good to grow but there are things one can never change about their partner.

  • Your partner suddenly ghosting you

There is nothing hurtful like your partner ghosting you. This is when your partner cancels on you even after planning before, they ignore some of the discussions or they are always working with what is convenient for them. That is a noticeable sign that you will soon be an EX.

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