Evewoman : Ten stylish ways to wear your hair cuffs


These are the stylish ways you can add hair cuffs to your style

Hair accessories have been a trend on the rise over the past few years and we absolutely love it! Whether you are rocking your natural curls or have a braided look, you can always find a way to accentuate your hair with these accessories. Putting flowers in your afro or adding some pearls to your braids works but we have seen it all. And in the process, we seem to have forgotten the original hair accessories, hair cuffs.

Fortunately, the use of hair cuffs seems to be on the rise again. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 10 stylish ways you can add hair cuffs to your style. Explore!

Bantu knots in all sizes and colors continue to be a favorite so why not add some glamour to them by popping some gold hair cuffs.

Let your intricate braids stand out more by strategically placing hair cuffs on them.

Add some edge to your arrow-shaped side braid with some good old-fashioned cuffs.

Let the diva in you stand out with generously laid out cuffs on long dark braids.

Hair cuffs are flexible which makes them great to segment your French braid for an even more elegant look.

A crown braid is quite befitting of a queen. Add gold cuffs to complete that crown.

You don’t have to braid up your entire hair. You can simply make a small plait around your hair and leave the rest loose then spruce it up with some colored cuffs.

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Adorn your beautiful natural curls with these beautiful adornments fit for your crown.

Give your natural curly hair some character and color by popping gold cuffs all round.

Sometimes, less is more. Just three hair cuffs are enough to make this Fulani hairdo stand out and complement the other beads.

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