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Between The Sheets

These are the embarrassing moments couples need to avoid in their bedroom

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A bedroom should be one of the places that couples relax and enjoy each other’s company. The mood in it should be such inviting that lovebirds take every second to unravel in each other’s arms.

Everyone of course has different needs, sexual desires, fantasies and all. The magic of having a man or woman of your dreams sleeping beside you should be endless.

Those moments could, however, be ruined in a blink of an eye by simple things that can be avoided. These are some of the embarrassing moments every couple needs to avoid:

  • Hair Malfunctions

This is for the ladies who love wearing wigs and weaves. Once you get into bed with your man, make sure you have given him a heads up about your hair. Picture that wig falling off, it would scare the man and the night is ruined. If you are comfortable enough, don’t wear the wig.

  • Forgetting to shave

 Your lover knows that you slay from head to toe but there is something wrong! There is bushy hair on your legs and armpits that could cause some friction and prick him/her. Before you leave to see him/her, make sure you shave a little bit days before.

  • The Phone rings

When it’s bedroom time with your lover, turn off your phone and focus to have a glorious night. There is nothing frustrating like having a good time with your man/woman then a phone call disrupts the whole night. It may ruin the romance mood. To avoid such happening, make calls before, text or leave a voice call.

  • Bad breathe

This is an absolute turn off! Anytime you leave the house, make sure there is gum in your bag/pocket just in case the bad breathe erupts. When in the bedroom, make an effort to brush your teeth before getting into bed with your man. Don’t feel shy. It’s better than kissing him/her with that onion odor that may freak him/her.

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  • Unexpected gas

Sometimes you can’t control your body but you can watch what you eat before getting between the sheets. How embarrassing will it be when you fart in front of her/him? The foods that one needs to avoid are spicy or oily foods and they have to be eaten six hours before the date. Avoid eating food that will make your stomach have gas.  



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