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This is what you can do for your woman when there are no finances for the date

The men can testify this, it always bugs them when they are broke and cannot take their lady for a decent date. It’s also not easy to open up to her that you have nothing, it could be shameful or embarrassing for him. When you have realized there are no finances for the date, there are ways that will not cost you much and she might find them romantic. These are the ways to enjoy your relationship with her when broke:

  • Plan a cooking date at your house- this could be romantic and a surprise especially if she is not used to seeing you cook! It could make her day or be the best date she encountered with her. Download all recipes you would love to try but it’s cuter when you make her favorite meal, dessert or cocktail. It will be really fun because she will help you and that creates great memories.
  • Buy movies and invite her over- remember you want to make memories and the fact that you don’t have the cash for the date, plan a movie day. It could be on a Friday night or any day of preference but make sure there are some bitings prepared for her to enjoy. Buy the latest movies or focus on the genre both of you love. It will be a good one for sure. Ten years later when you are flying to holiday destinations, these days will be remembered forever.
  • Attend free concerts- this should not happen frequently but once you have heard a concert that is not charging, don’t be shy but take her there. If she loves, she will understand the situation. Just make sure you are up to date with the events going down.
  • Call her for an evening jog/walk- if where you stay is secure, reach out. Even if she is not the type that is into exercising, it does not hurt to try something new. This is how you get to enjoy each other’s company more. Take lots of selfies to remember the first day you exercised together maybe.


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