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These are the remedies that will ease the menopausal symptoms

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According to health line, most of the symptoms associated with menopause actually happen during the perimenopause stage. Perimenopause is the prolonged stage of gradually falling and fluctuating hormone levels. Some women luckily enough go through menopause without complications or unpleasant symptoms while others find menopausal symptoms beginning even during perimenopause and lasting for years. Typically, the symptoms begin when a woman hits her mid 40’s as her reproductive capability comes to an end.

The symptoms that women experience are primarily related to a lowered production of the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. Symptoms vary widely because of the many effects that these hormones have on the female body. Some of the common symptoms include changes in menstrual cycle, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleeping problems, frequent urination, decreased libido, mood swings and night sweats. To combat that or at least make it manageable, there are natural methods one can incorporate.

  • Herbal remedies

You can try some natural remedies such as adding spices to your diet that help control it. This can include:

Red clovers

They have estrogen effects on the body and help relieve menopausal symptoms.


It helps reduce excessive sweating and hot flushes which are caused by menopause. To enjoy the benefits you can take it as a tea.

  • Eating well

When experiencing menopause, it is advisable to eat a balanced diet and include some foods in your diet. These include:

Consuming foods filled with phytoestrogens. They have estrogen effects on the body richly found in lentils and peas.

Supplement liver supporting foods in your diet. Oestrogen is redistributed by the liver so you can eat foods that contain plenty of onions, garlic among others to support liver function. They help control hot flushes too.

Eat plenty of fish oils. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that lubricate the whole body, reduce joint pains, dry skin as well as vaginal dryness associated with menopause.

  • Staying active

This usually helps to keep the body healthy and lively. It helps the bones be strong. If you don’t want too much strain with exercise then do aerobics and have frequent walks which help moderate hot flushes.

  • Look after your skin

During menopause, some changes such as dryness occur. You can avoid this by using Vitamin E to boost your skin’s health. Vitamin E supplements and creams also keep the skin rejuvenated and well moisturized.

  • Getting enough sleep

This actually reduces stress, anxiety, depression and weight gain. You need to sleep enough when experiencing menopause to improve energy and recover from stress and control appetite. This also gives your body time to heal itself.

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