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This is why you need to kick the plastic container out of your life

Plastic is a part of our lives whether you like or not. We have them in our cars, kitchens, handbags, children’s toys, exercising gadgets and the list is endless. As you are using those plastics did you know they are hazardous? Especially the plastic containers we use for storing, eating and the water drunk in plastic bottles. Plastic is made from toxic substances that can damage your body and cause health problems.

Here are reasons why we need to stop using plastic containers:

  • It can lead to infertility and poor reproductive health-According to there are toxic compounds found in the plastics that have a negative effect on immunity and hormone regulation. The hormone regulation is directly related to infertility.
  • The chemicals in plastic can make you fat- exposure to the chemicals reprograms your metabolism and makes your body store more calories instead of passing them. Have you been struggling to lose weight? Maybe it’s how you use the plastics in the house that needs to be looked into.
  • Food stored in a plastic container can leach- according to the plastics normally break down and the molecules leach into the food itself. This is known as plastic leaching and simply means no matter how natural or pesticide-free your food is, if it’s packaged in plastic, you’ll soon be consuming plastic with every mouthful and it’s dangerous.

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