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Ghanaian pregnant women taking drugs to bleach the skin of their unborn babies

Pregnant woman taking a drug

I really do not understand what the obsession with being light skin is all about. It is even more unfortunate that we are at a time that people have become so obsessed with the lighter skin complexion that they are doing everything earthly possible to distant themselves from ‘melanin’.

The latest level of obsession is the case of Ghanaian pregnant women who dread the thought of birthing ‘dark’ kids. These women have gone to a whole new level of taking bleaching pills while pregnant all in a bid to make sure they give birth to light complexioned babies.

Medical experts have come out strongly to condemn the growing trend citing that the use of those drugs can cause drugs can cause birth defects, including damage to limbs and internal organs.

According to News Ghana, Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) says using Glutathione pills for this purpose is dangerous, adding it wants “the general public to know that no product has been approved by the FDA in the form of a tablet to lighten the skin of the unborn child”.

 The drugs these pregnant women are using are mostly smuggled into the country inside luggage at airports in large numbers.  

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