Evewoman : These are the signs that prove your child is above average


These are the signs that prove your child is above average

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Parents are obsessed with their children and when given the chance they can go on and on what Tommy is good at and how perfect he is blablabla. If you meet crazy moms, prepare for photos, videos, and demonstrations. Before jumping right into it, it is important to note that all children are special in their own way and no comparison should be done. Nurture each child differently according to their strengths and interests. That said, it always helps when you’re raising a child who is mentally and emotionally smart. While different parameters can be used to measure their intelligence, it is not always about education. With some observation, you should be able to pick some of these signs that are associated with children considered to be above average.

  • They love reading

Children who are above average usually learn to read and write early and once they do, there reading expands hence the more knowledge they immerse.

  • They have a photographic memory

A child who is above average usually has a good memory whereby he or she never forgets easily what they learned. It can be also what they saw even though it was a while back. They are able to hold in as much information as possible and this makes them quite intelligent.

  • Find interest in their hobbies

For you to know your child is above average he or she tends to be interested in not only academic things but also acquire the interest in whichever hobby they like doing or engaging in. This makes them learn and also helps in brain development.

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  • They have emotional qualities

A child who is above average often displays emotions more quickly than others. They tend to be sensitive. They also tend to have a lot of energy in that they move, talk and ask things. They think and talk fast and they mostly relate more to older kids than those their age. This is one of the sure signs you have a smart child in your hands.

  • Sleep doesn’t come easily

There is a reason why your child doesn’t sleep easily and you always have to fight them before bedtime. One of the reasons is because he has a very active mind. This makes it hard for them to keep their mind quiet which keeps them awake. Plan a proper sleep timetable and let him or her grow into it without forcing them or they will get cranky.

  • They are always curious

Curiosity killed the cat but in this case, it is, in fact, a good thing for a developing child because it helps the child learn. Use that chance to teach them while whatever it is has gotten their attention.

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