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Men these signs will reveal when your woman is faking the big ‘O’

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Men will be the least pleased to know that most women have faked orgasms. Reasons for this vary from maybe she is just too tired and wants to sleep or she might be physically there but mentally pre-occupied. There is also the fact that she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Whatever the reason behind her fake ‘climax,’ if you are keen enough you can catch her in the lie if you put these signs to the test.

  • Silence

If she isn’t glowing, breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath or giggling, it’s because nothing happened. Naturally her body will react with excitement. If she is silent, there is really nothing much to say and she doesn’t feel like lying to you.

  • You insist on her to climax

The last thing you should be telling a woman during sex is for her to come. Not only is it distracting but you’re putting unnecessary pressure on her. To please you, she will fake an orgasm. If you must really say something, ask her if you’re doing right then let her body do its thing.

  • She doesn’t look into your eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul. If you did it right she will gaze into your eyes and blush because you gave her the most electric feeling. If she is avoiding eye contact chances are she is feeling hurt, used or unsatisfied and doesn’t want you to see it.

  • Her sexy sounds sound different

When having an orgasmic experience women tend to make the same kind of moans and screams or they usually repeat the same words. This is an unconscious state and they usually do not have control over their bodies for those few seconds. So if her sounds are different she isn’t being 100 with you.

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  • Her body doesn’t match her moans

This is rather obvious but most men never catch it. If she’s already moaning seconds after you just began without even much stimulation, she is already faking it and chances are she will also fake an orgasm.

  • She needs stimulants before getting down

Unless you’re dating a junkie, no woman would want to be knocked out during sex. A few drinks here and there may pass off but if she goes overboard, chances are she is trying to escape the sex session. At the right time she will fake an orgasm.



  • Gets defensive when called out

The guilty are always afraid and very defensive. If you ask her about faking an orgasm chances are she will go through the roof. She will use everything to deny and sway your opinion. Truth is, she is faking it and doesn’t want to tell you.


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