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Why does his phone have a password, anyway?

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For a few months now, my husband’s phone has a password which wasn’t the case before, we didn’t have rules on phones. He could go through mine and I was also allowed to do it. I suspect he’s chatting with another woman. This is one of the areas we agreed to be open with each other but he’s gone against that promise. What should I do?

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Makena, suspicion is the leading cause of broken marriages. When there is no trust, relationships cannot hold. Engage him and be as open as possible. Show him love, care and understanding. Win his heart back by doing great things that attracted him to you. Also remember to pray because God is the institutor of marriage.
{Pastor John Kioko}

Respect a mobile phone as a personal device. Your thoughts and suspicions will only kill your morale and depress you for nothing. Why do you want to break your marriage because of a mobile phone?
{Maureen Kanyangi}

Your husband is hiding something and he may be cheating on you. However, you should share with him how you and encourage him to open up. Involve a third party mostly someone he trusts in this discussion. Nonetheless, you may want to review your conduct since it may be contributing to his behaviour.
{Tasma Charles}

Women think men are always out to cheat. He or she who cheats is usually sure that her partner is also cheating. How would you feel if you found your man going through your phone? That’s invading his privacy. If he is a true cheat then his 40 days will come to an end. Remain sober in handling this situation because it can affect your marriage.
{Gede Mutwiri}

You seem insecure and by doing this you will only end up stressing yourself. If you trust him then just trust him. If I were you, I would sit him down and ask him why he has a password unlike before. Maybe he will have some valid reasons for this. Let this go and move on with your life.
{Ouma Ragumo}

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