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Ladies,we have to trash these annoying trends

Like for real this is enough! Yes, everyone has their own dress code and hair styles but we need to outgrow some stuff like honestly. In the streets of CBD, there is all sorts of trends that make you wonder if an individual has ever heard a term called fashion. Below are the shady trends ladies need to stop this year!

  • Walking in bent heels- why do you have to strain your pretty feet in bent heels? I have never understood how one can leave the house walking in bent heels. The walking posture is normally funny that you just want to laugh hard to wake your ancestors. Clearly, a bent knee indicates the heel has a problem and it can harm you mercilessly till you sell all the heels you bought. Buy decent heels that fit you right and if it’s small, save it for your daughter. We don’t need to see a lady walking in heels that have no balanced diet.

  • Wearing the wrong leggings- leggings are here to stay but they should not stay because ladies are not wearing them right. Leggings have different textures for different occasions. There is this trend that is quite common within the ladies, wearing tights and they are showing off their undies. For who? Why does it have to come to this? If the leggings are see through, wear something long because we don’t need to see your undies popping in your ass! Save it for your man or husband.

  • Wearing the wrong bra size- we know all those seduction moves that women play when it comes to their breasts. A woman can do anything to make sure her breasts are in check and ready to attract the men but in the process they fail. This is because some end up wearing wrong bra size. You have been blessed with watermelons but you wear a bra as small as your wrist? Why grill your breasts in a small bra? Some are not blessed at the front but they will insist with big bras and it obviously shows you have worn one. Just purchase the right size, you are still sexy in them.

  • Drawing single, straight or curved eyebrows- let’s roll our eyes first…..this trend of drawing straight, single, curved eyebrows is so throwback! Why shave all of your eyebrows to draw two straight lines on your face? Those eyebrows were created for a purpose! If you really need to shave your eyebrows, there is better way to do it. You can tattoo it, you can check tutorials on you-tube or go to a beauty parlour that you are sure about. You don’t want to walk in the office having one eyebrow crooked.

  •  Wearing wigs wrongly-once you have bought the wig, kindly it does not hurt to ask how to wear the wig or what you need for it to look fab. Save yourself the embarrassments of walking in a wig that looks like an ancestral mop that was forced on your head.


Which of these trends annoys you?


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