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Like a boss: Millie Odhiambo responds to a ‘boy’ who tried to seduce her

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Suba North Member of parliament, Millie Odhiambo recently left netizens amused after she took to social media to express how disappointed she was in a particular young man who is ‘supposedly a constituent’.

 In her Facebook post, the legislator on Monday ranted about how a young man,’ young enough to be the age of her grandchild’ had such guts. She narrated, that the young ‘boy’ had been constantly calling her in a bid to seek audience.

“When you are a public figure you have to listen to all manner of things. Like a young man calling severally yesterday on an " important" issue. I am not in a position to deal and presuming he is my constituent with a genuine need I tell him to call tomorrow at 11am.

He calls faithfully today. " I have seen how beautiful you are and I want you to be my girlfriend". From profile picture he looks the age of my grandchild. I told him corporal punishment is outlawed but I may just seek reintroduction to allow his parents unleash common sense and decency into his head,” read her Facebook post.



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