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A lip balm has various beauty functions that will rescue your makeup routine


Lip balm is great for keeping your lips soft and moisturized but it also contains ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil that make it effective for other beauty solutions as well. You can use lip balm not only to speed up your beauty routine, but also for easy beauty fixes.

Here are eight crazy and simple hacks that you probably did not know you could do with your lip balm.

  1. Heal an irritated nose

Having a cold will often lead to an irritated nose from blowing it too much. The area on your nose will likely turn red and sore. You don’t need to worry as lip balm is just the fix you need. Rub some on the affected area, inside and outside the nasal passage. The balm will effectively soothe the irritation with time.

  1. Reduce eye bugs

Lines under the eyes are caused by dryness in that area. Rubbing lip balm on it will hydrate the skin which will in turn cause the lines to reduce. Use a brush to apply the balm is the eye area is quite sensitive.

  1. Intensify your eye shadow

If you are looking to intensify the color of your eye shadow, lip balm is the answer. Apply some balm on your makeup brush before putting on the eye shadow. This will effectively intensify the pigment of your eye shadow.

  1. Soften cuticles

Instead of spending your money on cuticle oil, you can save your coins by using lip balm instead. Using your finger tips to massage lip balm into your cuticles will soften and moisten the cuticles immediately.

  1. As a highlighter

Instead of reaching for a highlighter, apply some lip balm on your cheek bones to achieve a dewy look.  Using a lip balm with a bit of shimmer will give you a subtle, shimmery look.

  1. Tame eyebrows

Once you have done your eye makeup, you can make sure that your eyebrows are on fleek by lightly coating them with some lip balm. Once you have applied the balm, use a spoolie or a brush to shape them.

  1. Erase mascara smudges

Putting mascara needs a firm and stable hand but all too often we do get the smudges on our eyelids. You can fix this by applying lip balm on the area then wiping it off with tissue.

  1. Prevent blisters

Just because your favorite pair of heels is not too comfortable doesn’t mean you should put it away for good. Simply rub lip balm to the sides of your feet and on the heels before putting on the shoes. It will act as a barrier between your skin and the shoes which will prevent painful blisters and chafing.

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