Hot Journalist John Allan Namu gifted a car worth millions : Evewoman - The Standard


Mr. Namu celebrates his 35th birthday with a new catch worth millions


One of the most handsome male anchors that leave women ogling, John Allan Namu has been gifted a car worth Ksh.10 million. The car is a 2017 Range Rover which is Ksh.5 million that means the one that gifted him was chopping double the cash for that cost Ksh. 10 million whereby the tax is included.

He was celebrating his 35th birthday the same day he was gifted.  Since it’s Valentine’s, we cannot tell who really bought the ride for him because he has not disclosed.

Happy Belated Mr. John Allan Namu. Below are the pictures from his snapchat:

Happy belated 35th birthday John!
This was captioned: 'Sweet birthday present"


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