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Steps on how to look smoking hot in a smoky eye

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Here is how to create the ultimate stunning dramatic eyes for those special occasions. A smoky eye is all about blending darker shadows together to create a soft, feline look. It can be subtle or striking, depending on the intensity of the colors you choose. You will basically need two colored shadows: a dark one for contouring and a highlighter shade to contrast. Professional make-up artists tend to use several brighter shadows in contrasting shades. Try pairing different light and dark colors to see what you prefer. Remember, the beauty of a smoky eye is that it does not have to be perfect, so keep practising and don’t be afraid to rock your DIY smoky eye attempts.

Step 1 - Prepare your canvas

Always start with a good base that will hold your eye makeup and enable it to last. Apply your foundation, concealer and powder. It is important to apply your primer to the eyelids and all over the eye area.

Step 2 - Assemble your tools

You will require black eye pencil, liquid eyeliner, mascara and your eyeshadow palette. If you are very light-skinned or Caucasian blonde, use dark brown for a more natural look instead of black. You will also need precision brushes and regular eye shadow brushes.

Step 3 - Apply your color starting from dark to light

You can have shimmering shades or you can opt for matt, or a mixture. If your darkest shade is black, start with it. If it is deep electric blue or purple, start with that. Smokey eyes are bold and the concept is to smudge and blend a striking shade that is darker than what you would normally wear. Using a regular brush or your fingertips, apply this dark shade to the upper lids. Using a precision brush, apply this same shade to your lower lash lines. Blend well and follow with the other shades in your chosen from dark to light. Keep the eye socket and crease as dark as possible, and blend outwards.

Step 4 - Bring it all together

Once your dark base color has reached the desired level of intensity for your smoky eye, blend the edges using neutral tones and apply your pale highlighter shadow under the brow bones. It helps if you have already penciled in your eyebrows as a reference point, since these will frame the entire look.

Step 5 – Eyeliner

Apply a thin layer or tight line the lower lash line with your kohl or regular black or brown eyeliner. Then apply liquid eyeliner on the top eyelids. Apply several coats of mascara to really bring out the eyes. If you have false lashes, these are ideal for a smoky eye. Use a fan-shaped makeup brush to gently wipe off any excess makeup from your under-eye area.

Step 6 - Keep the rest of your makeup subtle

A smoky eye needs to take center stage by itself. Do not make the mistake of having the rest of your face compete with these eyes. Avoid bright, screaming colors on your lips or cheeks with a smoky eye. Instead, do subtle contouring and highlighting then blend shades that are complimenting your skin tone. A smoky eye should only have soft contrasting contours, but no harsh lines. Pair with a neutral lipstick or lip gloss that is close to your natural tone of your lips. Finish with a spray of Makeup fixative. Your smoky eyes are ready to take on that party!!

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