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This is what all girls with glasses need to do to stay glam

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  • If you wear glasses, you know the struggle that comes with wearing makeup.
  •  Some of the challenges include getting makeup all over the nose part of your glasses, and dark circles under the eyes. In addition, glasses cast a shadow on the face, thereby accentuating under-eye discolouration.

Concealer and glasses go hand in hand because your glasses can magnify your dark circles. You may also use an orange colour corrector which neutralises darkness and brightens the area. Glasses sometimes minimise the shape and size of your eyes, so you may need to accentuate your eyes more to make them appear larger if you wear glasses. In spite of prevailing fashions, try to avoid glasses that ‘swallow’ your eyes completely and obscure your eyebrows. 

Step 1 – Prime

Use primer or a BB cream all over your face. Keep your base simple to avoid the problem of discoloured glasses. 

Step 2 – Brows

Make sure your brows match the size and style of your glasses.

Step 3 – Conceal

Dot an orange corrector under the eyes and blend in immediately. It dries quickly so you need to work fast. Use the warmth of your fingers to blend it in. It is oil-based therefore depending on the skin type, you may need to set it with powder. Cover up any other discolouration on your face.

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Step 4 – Eye-shadow

Keep the colours neutral and bright. Darker shades can make your eyes look sunken and tired. If you have small eyes or a small lid, you may want to avoid the smokey eye look. We paired a browny-peach with gold to brighten the eyes. We used the neutral colour on the eye crease and the gold on the lid.

Step 5 – Eyeliner

For the top lash line, thinner eyeliner compliments thinner frames, while thicker frames look better with thicker eyeliner. For glass wearers, eyeliner on the lower lash line will bring out the eyes. You can experiment with different colours. Focus on tight lining - a technique make-up artists use to shape and define the eye by applying black liner or kohl on the inner rim of the eye. Avoid applying thick eyeliner below the lid as this can smudge and give you ‘racoon’-eyes.

Step 6 – Mascara

Use double the mascara so that your lashes pop.

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