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Skin benefits of steaming and going to the sauna during a cold season

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Being the skincare specialist that I am, I have learnt a lot throughout my skincare journey most especially on how my body responds. I have learnt how to feel and understand when my body is responding whether in a positive or negative way.

Do you recall when I mentioned that cold season is not my favorite season? Well, over the weekend I went to the coast and the weather is hot down there. Humidity is on another lever. I could feel sweat dripping from my body and my pores were all open draining out all the toxins and impurities. When I touched my skin I couldn't believe how silky smooth it was.

This made me realize in cold season our skin doesn't breathe well because it's all covered with heavy warm clothes. But you should give your skin some freshness.

In a nutshell, what I am trying to put across is, steam and sauna can be of so much help during the cold season. The difference between Steam and Sauna is Steam generates moist heat while Sauna provides dry heat. Both give out more of the same results. You only need to choose if you want wet or dry.

The other day I had a cold, I boiled water, added a drop of essential oils, covered my face for about 5minutes and the following day my nose congestion and throat were all clear. Steam is natural and very therapeutic. When steaming the body, sweat comes out which helps to drain all the toxins and impurities from your body.


Gives immediate relieve of symptoms. The inhalation of steam has been prescribed to treat various disorders of the lung. 

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Helps in blood circulation. When steaming, the blood vessels enlarge in response to heat.

Helps in relaxation of body and mind.

Helps to open and clears the pores. 

Helps in clearing the chest and breaths more clearly.


Stress reduction

Good for muscle relaxation (releases tension from the body)

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Helps in blood circulation

Lose weight effortlessly etc.

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