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5 plants that keep mosquitoes away

It is officially mosquito season, what with the endless short rains and sprouting grass. Mosquitoes love that. Mosquito nets alone are not enough to keep these bugs away because they will bite you even before bedtime while on the couch. The good news is there are plants that repel mosquitoes and you will not need insecticides for your sanity. Stop by at your local roadside nursery and ask for any of these plants. You will be surprised they cost between thirty and one hundred shillings only.

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 Citronella is the plant that gives us citronella oil a common insect repellant. Citronella is lemon scented and does well either indoor in a large pot or outdoor. Grow citronella outside in your garden or balcony. Citronella is poisonous and should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Queen Of The Night

  This is a type of orchid plant. It’s flowers bloom between evening and morning. It is effective in repelling mosquitoes. You can plant it indoor or outside in an area with shade.


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 Who would have thought that rosemary is both a herb and a mosquito repellant? Rosemary has a wonderful woody aroma and thrives in pots as well as in outdoor gardens. Line your kitchen and bedroom window with tiny pots of rosemary plant.


 The purple lavender flowers will give your home and garden a picturesque scenery while keeping mosquitoes away. Lavender is an outdoor plant and will do well in a balcony and garden. Lavender flowers have a great scent from which lavender oil is harvested. It is this beautiful scent that keeps mosquitoes away.


 Basil is another kitchen herb that keeps flies and mosquitoes away. Basil loves a lot of sun and can be planted indoor near windows that receive a good amount of sun as well as out in the garden.  Remember to always keep your basil damp.

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