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Ten amazing photos of Kambua that show she’s never had bad hair day

She slays

So someone over the weekend mentioned that gospel singer Kambua doesn’t seem to have bad hair day.

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Well, she rocks nice hair styles but I did not think this was entirely true until I visited her Instagram page. I am not hair enthusiast but she slays every twist of hair on her head, from short hair styling to braids to experimential colours.

 It helps that she is an ambassador to a popular hair brand, but all the same, Kambu’s hair styling is quite a spectacle.

 I sampled a couple of those pictures: Needless to say, there are many more that shows that she’s rocked.

When she adds the laughter


Experimental and she rocks it




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When she adds the head wrap


Dem braids on fleek!




Going Natural!


More like it!


A little tease of things


How about some bold move


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Goes with it here as well!


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