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5 signs that a man will marry you.

Lady Speak
 While true love is rare to come across in this era of team mafisi and slay queens, it can happen to some people

Dating is like being blindfolded tightly by fate and destiny. It is only when the right time comes that one can know where they lie. Many end up in marriage and live happily thereafter. Some   hope to be married but it never happens. In spite of all these, there are signs that a man will marry you. The signs, it is hoped, will help sisters avoid being disappointed.

He talks in future continuous tense.

If a man keeps saying sweet things like “we shall be going to church on Sundays or travelling the world”, then it is an indicator that you are in his future. However, do not be carried away by hit and run men whose sole question about the future is how many children you would like to have. That’s a cliché line and it decodes a man’s sexual mind. In the teary situation where the man never mentions the future and you in one sentence, walk away.

2.He buys you durable household stuff.

If your boyfriend visits from time to time and buys durable stuff, then you are his future wife. By durable things I mean things like a wall unit, chairs, kitchen utensils and buying that spoilt bulb. The logic is simple. He is buying durable things because he will be there to use them.

On the other hand, a man who does not have you in his future will buy expensive and luxuriant stuff. He will buy perfumes, flowers, chocolate and many bottles of wine!

3. He defends you all the time.

There are his friends, relatives and acquaintances who may not like you. They will say bad things about you (especially his mother, sisters and his boy).They will tell him about how your anger issues are not good for the relationship. Most of the time, they will be trying to persuade your man to dump you like how garbage is dropped off the county council tractors.

 If he is the kind that will marry you, he will shut them down. He will threaten to cut links with them just because of you. It is that romantic.


To show that he will marry you and takes you very seriously, he will build a strong relationship with your people. He will respect your folks and cross the ocean to come to their aid. He will respect them and never say bad things about them. In most cases, your mama is his mama. He believes you are one big family.

5. He can do anything for you.

While true love is rare to come across in this era of team mafisi and slay queens, it can happen to some people. If a man can take you in his arms and take you to the moon and back, then you have a prestigious place in his life. If you are a material girl and believe that an imported wedding gown and an invite only party is all you need, he will gladly give it. It becomes clear to all that his world rotates around you. If you need anything, all you have to do is ask.

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