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4 tips to help upgrade your beauty look

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  • Switching up your signature look need not be dramatic.
  • If you’re someone who likes the comfort of a daily routine, then fear not.

 Whether you’re a newbie in the makeup world or you’re looking to add a little spice to your everyday look, here are a few easy-to-do makeup tips that will help you update your beauty look.

1.  Update your “go to” lip shade

The easiest way to change your look is to change your signature lipstick. We all have that lip colour that we tend to grab over all the others. But simply altering your lip colour can really brighten and freshen up your face! Dare to be bold and try out shades of deep burgundy, plum, and fuchsia. A red lipstick with an Orange undertone also works well.

2.  Add a winged eye liner

I think people often get intimidated with winged eye liner, but the truth is it doesn’t need to be big and dramatic! It can be simple and thin.

3.  Give your brows some love

Investing in a few solid brow products can change your whole face. If you do nothing else to update your look, pay attention to your eye brows.

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4. Get the golden glow

Add a pretty sun kissed glow to your face with a touch of bronzer to give you a beautiful, natural, and fresh look. It’s super important to match your bronzer to your skin tone. Pick a color that will pick up the natural highlights in your skin. 

Small changes can make a big difference. That is true in both life and makeup

Ruthie Kinuthia is an award winning professional makeup artist and founder of Makeup by Ruthie. Reach her on [email protected]

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